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Pricing Examples

One Website
For global monitoring of a website every 5 minutes, which includes downtime, blocklist, SSL, performance and DNS checking, the price would be $21.60 per month.

This is based on 8,640 tests performed in 30 days.

20 Websites and 10 Email Servers
For global monitoring of 20 websites and 10 email servers every 5 minutes, which includes downtime, blocklist, SSL, and DNS checking, the price would be $374.00 per month.

This includes a 50% discount applied to the amount above $100.

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How it Works
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Downtime is Expensive, 1stWarning is Not

Avoid the costs of extended downtime by monitoring all your internet services.

The Price is 1/4 Cent Per Test

Simple.  Pricing is how many comprehensive tests were performed during the prior month at 1/4 cent per test.  A test includes all the checks for the monitor.  For example, a website test performs several checks (DNS, block listing, etc.) and this is considered one test.  Too often, the pricing for products like these is overly complex.  With 1stWarning, there are no plans, no credits to buy, no minimums, and no rollovers to deal with.

This pricing model allows for the most flexibility.  You can add, delete, suspend or edit monitors without running into limits or having to worry about whether your plan supports the change.

For example, why pay for monitoring when your servers are undergoing scheduled maintenance?  Simply suspend the monitoring from the user interface, and you will not be charged during that timeframe.

Why pay for four or 30 monitors when you need two or ten?  Why purchase credits up front and then have to manage them like cell phone minutes?  With 1stWarning, you only pay for what you use.

Volume Discounts

A 50% discount will be applied on any portion of your bill in excess of $100

For customers or resellers with over 100 sites, please contact us.

Price Calculator

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